Student Support at Athenian

Counseling and Learning Support Resources for the Athenian Community

Welcome to the Student Support Resource Hub!

Here you'll find mental health, wellness, and neuro-diversity support resources from Toneka Webb (Middle School Counselor), Rose Stoloff (Upper School Counselor), and Jeannine Morales (Director of Learning Services). We recognize that being away from campus can be hard, so we hope to use this page to share resources until we can can be on campus together again.

If there are any changes you want to see on this page, resources you'd like added, etc., let us know using the feedback button below!

See you all soon!

—The Student Support Department (Toneka, Rose, and Jeannine)

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Toneka Webb - Middle School Counselor

Rose Stoloff - Upper School Counselor

Jeannine Morales - Director of Learning Services