understanding rape culture

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Explaining rape culture to the devil

Let's Talk Porn

Discusses the ways in which porn can perpetuate rape culture

Blurred Lines

How is this an example of rape culture?

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Understanding Rape Culture and Examples

Victims Blaming, Myths, and Doubting Survivors

Pornography and Sexual Violence

Ending Rape Culture

Masculinity/Gender Norms

Survivors' Voices

These are two letters from survivors of sexual violence that highlight the prevalence and the consequences of rape culture.

  • Stronger Together - a letter published in The Harvard Crimson by members of the Harvard women's soccer team who were targeted in a sexual "scouting report" by the Harvard men's soccer team. A powerful read about "locker room talk."

  • Chanel Miller's Victim Impact Statement - (Content Warning: this contains graphic details of sexual assault. Please read at your discretion). Chanel Miller is the survivor of a sexual assault that took place at Stanford University and garnered a lot of media attention. This is the impact statement that was published after the trial. It highlights key elements of rape culture and their devastating consequences.

    • Chanel Miller also published a fantastic book that explores these topics more - Know My Name